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How to Update or Correct Pan Card Details? An Easy Guide

  • Posted By SuperCA
  • On 10 August

How to Update or Correct Pan Card Details? An Easy Guide

Permanent Account number also known as a PAN is issued by the Income Tax Department in India. It's a 10 digit alphanumeric code which allows the Income Tax Department to track down all the transactions of an individual or an entity. It is mandatory to possess a permanent account number or a pan in order to file for income tax return or deposit a cash of more than rs 50000 or opening a bank account or obtaining a telephone connection etc.

Hence, it is very important for all individuals and entities to possess PAN cards in India. It is also possible that the individual or the entity wishes to change the name on the PAN card for reasons like marriage or misspelling or any other reasons. In this blog, we will discuss the procedure for PAN card name change in India.


PAN card name change

There could be a number of reasons for a pan card name change. Some of the most common reasons for a pan card name change could be marriage, misspelt name, change of name, divorce or any other. The process for PAN card name change is quite simple and can be completed by filing a form for PAN card name change through the NSDL or TIN. The fee for a pan card name change is rs 105 and for a pan card to be mailed abroad, an additional fee of rs. 866 is applied.


Completing the form

The form of PAN card name change can be printed and completed online. The following points should be remembered while printing and submitting the request for a pan card name change:

  1. The complete form should be filled in English with the black pen.
  2. The allotted PAN number should be mentioned in the place provided.
  3. Two recent coloured photos should be affixed in the form.
  4. The applicant must sign within the provided box and across the photo.
  5. When the applicant is completing the PAN card name change request form, he should click on the box on the left hand side margin in order to indicate where the changes are required.


Documents required

Along with the application, the documents which need to be submitted in order to request a PAN card name change are listed below:


After marriage

  1. A marriage certificate
  2. Marriage invitation
  3. Copy of passport with the husband's name
  4.  Name change publication in official gazette
  5. A certificate which was issued by the gazetted officer.


Due to any other reason

  1. A name change Publication in official gazette
  2. A certificate which was issued by the gazetted officer


Due to misspelling

  1. A proof of Identity like:
    1. the Aadhar card or driving licence or passport or ration card or arms licence
    2.  copy of electricity bill or landline telephone bill or water bill or consumer gas connection card or Bank account statement or depository account statement or credit card statement, which are not older than three months
    3. employer certificate in original.
  2. A proof of address like:
    1.  Aadhar card or driving licence or passport or passport the spouse or post office passbook
    2. latest property tax assessment order
    3. domicile certificate
    4. property registration document.
  3. A proof of birth like:
    1. birth certificate issued by the municipal authority
    2. Pension Payment order
    3. marriage certificate issued by the registrar of marriage
    4.  matriculation certificate
    5. passport or driving licence
    6. domicile certificate
    7. affidavit stating the date of birth which is sworn before the magistrate



In this blog, we discussed in detail the PAN card name change process. We also discussed how to complete the PAN card name change form and the documents required for it in case of marriage or due to any other reason or order to any sort of misspelling.