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Niryat Bandhu Scheme| A Complete Guide

  • Posted By SuperCA
  • On 09 August

Niryat Bandhu Scheme| A Complete Guide

The Indian government launched the Niryat Bandhu scheme on 13th October 2011. This scheme was aimed at mentoring the first generation entrepreneurs and was looking forward to grow exporters on the difficulties of foreign trade. This was done by making use of counselling, training and out-reach programs. With the increase of small and medium scale Enterprises also known as the MSMEs, their role in employing people is immense and MSMEs have proved to be very important in improving the scope of exports in India.

In order to achieve the aims of the Niryat Bandhu scheme various out-reach activities will be organised with the assistance of the Export Promotion Council in a structured manner and by the help of various other willing knowledgeable partners in the academia and Research community. Other than this, in order to optimally utilise the resources, all the shareholders will be associated along with ECGC, customs, banks and the respective Ministries.


Components of the Niryat Bandhu Scheme

The various components of the scheme are listed below:

  • The preparation and the development of the material to use the new IEC holders and to print them.
  • Providing training to new entrepreneurs every month in each RA.
  • Conducting training or meetings or  seminars at towns which have export excellence on certain topics.
  • Seminars will be conducted at industry associations, management schools, universities and other institutions.
  • Focus will be given to capacity building of certain entrepreneurs in the institutions which impart training in export and import related to specialised issues
  • Focus will be given to the building of capacity of ITS or DGFT officers.



The methodology that will be adopted by the Niryat Bandhu scheme is given below:

  • Training new entrepreneurs or IEC holders every month in each RA.
  • Conduction of training or meetings or seminars at towns with export excellence on certain topics.
  • Conduction of seminars at universities, management schools and industry associations etc.
  • Focusing on the capacity building of certain entrepreneurs at Institutions where training in export and import is provided regarding specialised issues.


Certification Programme

An "online certificate program on export business" was launched in September 2015 by joining hands with the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade known as the IIFT. This online certificate program on export business was introduced for new exporters, entrepreneurs, employees of status holders etc. Under the program 20 live sessions of 2 hours will be conducted which need to be attended by the participants who have registered in the program using their desktops. Every month programs will be held to run a course which will have 60 participants at max.


Total Estimation and Duration

The Niryat Bandhu Scheme will be implemented by the government in the 12th Five Year Plan. A year-wise breakup for 4 years has already been prepared by the government. The total cost of the scheme is estimated to be Rs. 23.23 Crore.



In this blog, we discussed the Niryat Bandhu scheme and the components of the Niryat Bandhu scheme. We also discussed the methodology of the scheme along with the certification program and the total Estimation and duration of the Niryat Bandhu scheme.